About the Farm

deer herd ignoring cameraNestled in the foothills of Great North Mountain, Deauville Fallow Deer Farm is located near Bryce Resort in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Here, Gail Rose, a master gardener and animal lover, nurtures about 80 fallow deer, over 150 heritage-breed chickens, lush, organic vegetable gardens and a fruit tree orchard.

She opens her gate to the public on weekends, April through November, welcoming guests who come to see the animals and gardens, and to buy venison, eggs, vegetables or plants.

You can pick your own vegetables beginning in late April with salad greens, followed by a wide range of summer veggies including over a hundred varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

pumpkinsFrom April through June, Gail sells naturally grown heirloom tomato plants, as well as eggplants, peppers, greens, herbs, and more.

Gail believes fervently that she can show people how to raise their own healthy food on a little bit of land, simply by doing it.