Gail holding chicken big smileGail Rose comes from Italian and Polish roots — both hearty stock — and was born and raised in Massachusetts to a humble family. She says she learned to garden from her Grandmother, who lived with her them and helped raise their food. Gail spent much of her adult life in Long Island, where she gained her “master gardener” certification, before coming to her senses and moving to Virginia to become an organic farmer.

Perhaps it is living “a whole lot of life” that has made Gail the extraordinary character that she is. She’s got an indomitable spirit, a quick, acerbic wit, and a very big heart.

Gail has survived breast cancer, and is a young 63 years. Alex Rose, the original owner and founder of Deauville, was her 4th husband.

Alex was not in very good health when Gail met him, and then tragically, he died of complications from various illnesses only a few years after they married, leaving Gail with the sole responsibility of the farm, a massive and daunting job.

But it is a job she is tackling one step, one tomato seedling, one can of corn, one tiny chick, and one deer at a time.