How You Can Help

Gail with customers
  • Visit Deauville, Gail’s farm, buy some veggies, eggs and venison, and make a donation.
  • Find the farmer’s market in your area and shop there for fresh, sustainable, organic food.
  • Buy local…buy organic…vote with your food dollars
  • Avoid the use of pesticides in your garden
  • Try growing some of your own food
  • Educate yourself and then teach your children where their food comes from and finally…

Please consider donating funds to help me get the film finished – so that I can get the word out about the good work of sustainable farmers like Gail Rose.

So far my film DOEVILLE is entirely self-financed although I am applying for 501c3 status and will be applying for grants. Please keep checking my website for updates on my progress.

Consider a donation today – even a dollar or two will help me pay for gas to get back out to the farm to film!


Kathryn Pasternak